Vilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted by utilizing the cold pressed extraction technique that preserves the quality and all the nutrition values of the product. It is 100% Greek product with fresh aroma and a unique rich taste. It originates from the fertile olive groves from the area of Central Greece. That ensures its translucent golden green colour, its rich fruity taste and low acidity.

It is packaged in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml bottles and a 5L container all available to our customers.

Kalamata Olives

Kalamata Olives are among the best edible olives rich in nutrients. They are solid and crunchy with a fruity taste which is also a bit salty, bitter and sour.

Amfissa Olives

They are considered the 'Queen' of the edible olives. It is a special and exceptional variety of edible olives, harvested when they have matured and acquired their brown red colour.

Pickled Green Olives

Green olives are harvested when they are mature but still green. Their most significant nutrition difference is in their sodium content when pickled.

Green Olives with Whole Almond

Almonds belong to the superfoods and is rich in nutrients, protein and Vitamin E.

Green Olives with Garlic

The combination of green olives with the unique and special taste of garlic results in a crunchy and spicy taste that no one can resist.

Green Olives with Red Pepper

Large sized and rich flavoured olives from Chalkidiki stuffed with red pepper which are ideal as a side snack with your drinks.

Vilia Fir Honey

Vilia Fir Honey comes from the Greek mountains which are rich in medicinal plants, as well as areas that are covered from fir trees.

Our honey is made in Evritania, known for its beautiful mountains covered in endless forests and rare plants. With the most natural way possible we offer you a clean and pure product. Its uniqueness lies in its colour, aroma and taste. It is thick and it does not for sugar crystals.

In fact, it is the only honey that does not form sugar crystas.

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