Vilia Premium

Vilia Premium is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest class in an elegant, glass bottle that responds to its unsurpassed taste. It combines low acidity with high quality. What makes it special is the strict application of quality controls at all stages from the harvest of the fruit to its final packaging. It is harvested in the traditional way, we pick the olive by hand, so we can also, check the quality of the fruit one by one, it is exported to the olive press within the same day in a maximum of 6-8 hours, the export is done with a cold process so that nothing is altered, as well as the filtering is done with gravity so that no pressure is exerted on the product. During the packing process, it has a maximum acidity below 0.3%. It is bottled without mechanical means, so that the temperature does not change and thus the product is not oxidized. Storage takes place immediately after pressing into stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and humidity.

Vilia Premium is a Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is a source of inspiration for high culinary creations.

Available in limited quantities.

Vilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted by utilizing the cold pressed extraction technique that preserves the quality and all the nutrition values of the product. It is 100% Greek product with fresh aroma and a unique rich taste. It originates from the fertile olive groves from the area of Central Greece. That ensures its translucent golden green colour, its rich fruity taste and low acidity.

It is packaged in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml bottles and a 5L tin and pet  all available to our customers.

Vilia Fir Honey

Vilia Fir Honey comes from the Greek mountains which are rich in medicinal plants, as well as areas that are covered from fir trees.

Our honey is made in Evritania, known for its beautiful mountains covered in endless forests and rare plants. With the most natural way possible we offer you a clean and pure product. Its uniqueness lies in its colour, aroma and taste. It is thick and it does not for sugar crystals.

In fact, it is the only honey that does not form sugar crystas.