Olive cold pressing

Olive cold pressing

Excellent quality olive oil is produced only by small producers or families usually for their own consumption. The time of harvesting is the most important thing for olive oil.

Olives are harvested by hand in order to remain intact and not get crushed or destroyed.

They are stored to well ventilated containers and must be processed within 48 hours of harvesting.

Olives are washed with cold water in order to remove any remaining leaves and branches. Then they are pressed with hydraulic presses without the use of heat, or hot water or solvents. From the first press the oil that we know as "extra virgin olive oil with cold pressing extraction" is produced. Oil stays unfiltered since filtering can extract a great number of nutrients.

  •  Why not all producers use the cold pressing process?

Cold pressing extraction has as a result a higher quality product, since its quality is not affected by heat or chemical substances. However, higher cost is the reason that this process is not usually preferred by producers or merchants.

Due to high demand there is a tendency in reducing production cost in time and money. Eventually the production is automated and done massively in big modern facilities in order to get larger quantities in shorter amount of time and with lower cost. Big industries produce bigger quantity in a lower cost but at the same time the process followed reduces in a great extend the nutrition value of olive oil.

  •  What does lower cost mean in the case of olive oil?

Lower cost means that olives are probably ground with other objects like lives and small branches. Olives that have fallen on the ground and usually produce bad quality olive oil are often mixed with good ones.

  •  The "Extra Eirgin Elive oil" scam in super markets.

Usually the olive oil found in super markets is not even close to what was consumed by our ancestors. In many cases consumers are not really getting what they think they buy. A lot of this oil is lower quality oil which has undergone a process to reduce its acidity to 1%. As a result, they are misleadingly called extra virgin.

Only traditional process of pressing the olives with stone or modern methods of centrifugation can produce oil that is not heated.

This way it is ensured that there is no loss in nutrients which are necessary in order to achieve and maintain a healthy life.

Moreover, this olive oil has naturally low acidity.

Writer: Vogiatzi Maria

From the blog:(http://skepsitrofikinisi.blogspot.gr/)

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