Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil is the corner stone of Mediterranean diet. It is one of the most famous and scientifically proven health foods on the world. Olive oil contains great quantities of monounsaturated fat (75%) and antioxidants, which protect from oxidant stress which causes early aging.

The monounsaturated fat is considered good fat and many studies have shown that it is related with the reduction of cardiovascular diseases. It is also believed that olive oil reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Also often consumption of olive oil seems to be reducing vascular resistance.

Many studies have also shown that olive oil contains substances like squalene and lignans which possibly protect us from cancer. The New Health System in the UK suggests a balanced Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and olive oil to patients with diabetes type 2, since it is considered to help in controlling the blood sugar.

A University of Madrid study in 2014, showed that osteoporosis is rarer in countries like Greece where people consume large quantities of olive oil.

In 2010, scientist in the Monastir University in Tunisia discovered that regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil protects the liver from cell damage which is caused by oxidant stress.